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Good Guys a.k.a Street Demons

Name: Tibble Zathrus
Hight: 5'8"
Race: Yonkan
Blood Type: O-
Bio: Tibbles' world, Zcon, was destroyed by an unknown race. He is the only known survivor. This is because he was chosen to travel to another world know as Chontock. Due to the destruction of his world, Tibble was thrown off course and landed on Earth. This is were after a breif fight, he befriends Fuzzy and Moca. He is still a teenager in all aspects, except that he really is about 330 years old. He was put in cryogentics, because it would of made the travel time of 2 years seam like only a few days. Though his body was frozen his mind was still active controling the ship. The ship learned every thing it could for broadcasts emitted from the planets. Then it would put all this into the users brain to learn also. This way was desinged to make ambassitors from planet Zcon interact with local planet inhabitents, easily as if they were born there. This is why he can so simply talk english and act like a normal human. The ship only accepts commands from one user. The user had to wear a special helmet that worked with a chip that would enhance the users ability to control things with there minds. Unfortunatly when Tibble was eight an accedent in his fathers lab fused the chip to Tibbles brain. The helmet was destroyed. This accedent is the whole reason why Tibble was chosen to go to Chontock. That and his dad was the person in charge of finding, training, building and every thing else involoved in Project:Matrix. The ship was mostly made of ninite tecnology. all the ship can change form to fix the pecific form of the user, the outside is a metal that can resist tematures up tp 50,000,000degrees celus. The ninites formed a type of arifical inteligents. So at least Tibble did have someone to interact with while he was young. During his whole childhood he was alone being as his mother died when he was born, then with the acident, he was always at his fathers lab having test run on him, or learning how to minulape Matrix better. Matrix acctually was never named. He was to be named by the user to set the name when frist activated but Tibble was told the name was Matrix, so he never came up with his own name from it. Since the user is never to tell anyone the name they come up with for Matrix it was set to be the passcode, to help protect Matrix from thefit. anyone could use the helmet, but only the one who knew the passcode could work him. his perfered weapon is the sword.
Name: Timmothy Mcgoo
Hight: 5'7"
Race: Human
Blood Type: O+
Bio: Fuzzy was born on Earth, his mother died due to a drunk driver when he was 12. his father was a world class fighter knowing Tai-chi, Kung-fu, Judo, and Karate. He was tought how to fight from his father. Becides his above average fighting ability Fuzzy is quite normal. He can play a Gurtair, but hardly ever dose since it was something his mother tought him. For some reason he can fly; shoot beams from his hands, eyes. and mouth;and hear and see great distances. Fuzzy died shortly after his brith due to a stroke caused by hismothers blood getting into his system and cloging an artery in his brain, hes a O- shes AB+. He was always picked on because he was intelgent. through this he is an antisocial, but will still go out of his way to help his few freinds. Curse of being a nice guy, I geuss. He met Moca at the age of 10 in school while she was being beating up at school. He jumped in and kicked all the jerks butts. From then on they were best freinds and as puberty kicked in, they started acting funny around each other. They did finally decide to go out on a date after dating a few other people. They meet Tibble on their frist date. Fuzzy is now 18. Fuzzy has a brother but when his mother died, he left. His name is Billy, was 18 when he left. No ones heard from him since, he did leave a message that he was leaving, so the cops did nothing.Fuzzy was suspended for a week from school because he saved Moca from the school bullies, the bullies never were punished, except they didn't ever mess with Moca again, and Fuzzy they left alnoe for a while, normally he wouldn't fight, but they started messing with him again after about a month. his perfered weapon is the axe, any size or kind.
Name: Moca Sliven
Hight: 5'5"
Race: Human Fairy Hybrid
Blood Type: AB-
Bio: Moca was also Born on Earth, but her mother is a fariy and her father was human making her a half-bread. She has wings and can fly, use magic and other fariy things she is not alowed to see her mother because the fariy king said as punshment for loving and bearing a mortal child she was not see her child, Moca, ever otherwise Moca would be killed immiditally. Her father was a great magical user and tought her how to user abilities very well. Her chances of living past brith was nearly 1:1,000,000. Phiscally she is quite weak but her magic makes up for much of that. she still alows Fuzzy to protect her, because she likes it when he dose, but she dosen't need it. She meet Fuzzy when she was 9.She was new to the school and only in 4th grade, he was in the 5th. He protected her from some bullies and they became good freinds, when they got into highschool they dated a few other people, but in Fuzzys senior year they finally started dating. They were on thier frist date when they meet Tibble. her perfered weapon is a bow and arrows, or crossbow, she likes ranged weapons.
Name: Ummieitokage
Hight: 5'9"
Race: Lizard Man
Blood Type: O-
Bio: Ummieitokage is a lizard-man. He was born a test solger for the goverment he was desinged with the added abilities of a diffrent lizards(self healing, color changing skin, droping limbs) he was also to be the the perfect solger, able to kill without regret, fear, or hesitation. Before his condishing was complate he escaped. being partially conditioned he was a unstopable fighter and knew how to survive with out anything but his claws. hes conditioning was far enough that he has no problem with killing, but it wasn't far enough that he will kill only for food. his perfered weapon is the staff, he always tries to not kill people.
Name: Sitwun Chthrus
Hight: 5'4"
Race: Chontockan
Blood Type: A-
Bio: Sitwun is from Chontock. she is Chtran's sister. She only has 2 wings. though she was born before him; she's the concidered freak. Chontockans normally have no wings, except for very few who are born with Demon-like wings or Angle-like wings with one or two pair. Those who are born with one set are not alowed to fly, those born with two are. She was born with one set, thus she is mearly a winged freak, never to fly above Chontock soil. She was smart enough to learn ways to get into space. get into cirtian programs watching the other planets of profice. This is how she learned about Earth; more importantly about Tibble, Moca, Fuzzy, Ummiei, and that her brother was the Earth watcher. She perfers weapons that block attack, such as sheilds.

Bad guys a.k.a. Darkones

Masked Dork
Name: William Mcgoo
Hight: 6'
Race: Human
Blood Type: AB+
Bio: Masked Dork nick name is Billy. He is Fuzzys older brother. He is the one who killed their mother but he didn't relize it was his mother who he killed. he was drinking and driving when he ran a red light and destroyed both his and his mothers car. He fled the sence and never looked back. this was 6 years ago. Since then he took odd jobs killing people. eventually he got a costume and called himself Mundo Dred, unfortunitly his enimies always called him Masked Dork, and eventually that's what he became known as. he like ranged weapons.
Name: Wako/Expermental 2.56
Hight(to top of head): 5'11"
Race: Rabbit Man
Blood Type: AB-
Bio: Wako is a goverment experiment gone wrong. Before the Doom Lizard project, there was one just desinged to see what DNA would even relitivly bond with humans. Unfortunally he was a giant flop. instead of being a worrior or even a recon capable unit, he was supost to be destroyed. through an accident he was able to escape. though the goverment thought of him as low risk, they did keep a watchful eye on him.He was a flop because he had the instincts of a rabbit, but the nature of a human. His head also looked like a rabbit and he has a cotton tail. He is mentally unstable, his Wako half is and smart and nice, his other half dubed Expermental 256 is deadly and hard to foil his plans. Both like axes, or hammers.
Name: Melissa Smith
Hight: 5'6"
Race: Lion Woman
Blood Type: B-
Bio: Melissa is all a round mercinary. if shes hired to kill someone she will kill them. she was hired to kill Moca in hopes to throw of Fuzzy and make him vengeful. Even though most her kills take only a few minutes once she finds her target, all of her basic ways to kill didnot work solely because all of the ways are based in that all of her targets were humans, not faries. Melissa is another goverment experment, she unlike, Ummiei and Wako, destroyed all prof of her existance down to the man who created her. She is part lion, but just in apperence. mentally she is all human. she is an expert in most weapons, so she can use all of them, but when it comes down to it she perfers defencive weapons, even hides behind sheilds. Also has a liking to Wako.
Name: Cthran Chthrus
Hight: 6'4"
Race: Chontockan
Blood Type: A-
Bio: Chtran is Sitwun's little brother. Chtran is concidered to be a messanger from Tomana, because he has four Angle-like wings. This type of birth is so rare that they are alowed to fly and are concidered first-class citizens. They go to the best schools free of charge, become quite sucessful, and are given the gift of space travel. He isthe Chontock watcher of Earth. Earth is a planet of profice, so it needs to be watched so if anyone makes it far enough along to relize the profice, they will be struck down quickly. There by saving Chontock from it. He foundout that Tibble was headed to Earth by Chonintel. So he was instructed to watch Tibble incase he knew anything about the profice and tried to share it with the world. Once he learned that Tibble was the one described by profice, Chtran was instructed to kill him. He has no idea that his siser was planning to come to Earth untill she was here.
Psyco Smiley
Name: Charlie Robinson
Hight: 4'5"
Race: Smiley Face?
Blood Type: AB-
Bio: Charlie came from another demention were it is kill or be killed, survial of the fittest, and smartest. He was the smartest and created a portal to this demention, entered it and just started killing people here. likes bladed weapons.
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