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Weird Stuff

Gift Art to others

Furfire in GhostBuster uniforms Done for Furfire
Aicd Refluxes God meets Hero from RpgWorld Done for Acid Reflux and RpgWorld
Max and NetoPeople Crew(joke). Done for Striptease
Neo Baka Crew with Tibble for Neo Baka Dosen't update though.
Penny of Not Gonna Take it

Gift art to me

Drawings by me

Matrix Tibbles Hero Form
Suppa Fuzz. Fuzzys' Hero Form
Tibble & Gang CC
Tibble & Gang in Color Pencils
Street Demon Crew Colored in Computer(CC)
Street Demon Crew Grey Scale version CC
Spirt Armor Fuzzy It's ok your not supost to get it.

Other stuff

Here is a Zip file for you people who use Winamp avss1