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Well about this webic.It was started when I had way to much free time on my hands, namely when I was at school. It was also suppost to be a gag a day strip but I sucked at making gags up. So then I started using it to get revenge on people I didn't like. Hence, Thrumas Dofus was made. but that was quickly shrot lived. So then I started to make them super hereos, good Idea bad story. so now its updated when I can think of stuff. I am working on a rather long story now, no you can't see it, that once is done I will make into my webic.


Well you wanted to know about me or you just scrolled down here. I was born I'll die no biggie. Im 19, work at a store where I move Furniture. (I'm supostta sell it also but I dont.) I live in Kansas City, Mosurri, USA. I started drawing at about 4, since I couldn't talk.(medical prob; better now) Can't talk, draw. I coined the word "webic" to drcribe the online comics i read. There are also webgas (manga style webics), but in genral Webic describes them all.


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